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At Just Divine University, I help business owners save time and money by teaching them how to leverage their business credit to grow their businesses and access more funding. 


Our team of certified professionals understands the financial challenges minority business owners face, and we have solutions. Whether you want to create generational wealth, diversify your investments or restructure your business, Just Divine University is whom you should call. 

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Can You Relate To This?


You don’t know your credit score because you don’t check it often, due to a fear of what you might see on your credit report.​


You want to expand and grow your business but don’t have the resources or funding to help grow your business, like purchasing equipment or hiring staff.​


You’d like to use your business credit for business purchases, but you haven’t established any business credit and you don’t know how to begin the process so you end up using your personal credit instead.​


You want to win contracts and grants but don’t have the proper minority certifications to do so or know the steps to get properly certified.​


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my guide to achieving accelerated results to your personal financial goals while preparing and developing you to grow your funding from personal credit.

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